Overview of IFRS

The impact of IFRS adoption together with continued amendments to the standards stretches far beyond accounting and financial reporting to affect key business decisions. Access to up-to-date guidance and timely advice are essential as IFRS is adopted in many more countries, or new and revised standards are implemented. Consistent interpretation and application is also vital for companies operating in a global environment.

PKF International provides access to a number of resources and IFRS experts globally. In these pages you will find comparisons between IFRS and IFRS for SMEs and IFRS and Brazillian GAAP, a discussion on considerations for conversion from U.S. GAAP to IFRS and a suggested conversion methodology for IFRS adoption and how PKF member firms can help you with this (please go to Accounting advisory services ), Accounting Updates provide information on important accounting developments, and a selection of IFRS snapshots and summaries provide a quick overview of the most important provisions of the standards. The latest illustrative financial statements template is a useful guide to assist with layout and presentatation of IFRS financial statements.

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Whilst the manuals, forms, illustrative materials and training made available by PKF International Limited have been designed to provide resources to encourage compliance with relevant standards and good practice, these do not necessarily force compliance. In many cases, resources provided are likely to require adaptation for specific circumstances, and users are particularly directed to consider whether information requires update for recent developments. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure they are familiar with the standards and that work performed is sufficient and appropriate in the circumstances, and where required, is documented to demonstrate compliance with applicable standards. PKF International Limited and PKF MAK ALYANS LLC accepts no responsibility for its use or non-compliance.

Some resources were contributed by PKF member firms. Whilst it is expected that all the information has been provided in good faith, member firms providing such information accept no responsibility for its use. Resources provided by PKF International Limited are maintained in English. Any translations are provided by PKF member firms. Whilst it is expected that all translations have been provided in good faith, PKF International Limited has not checked the accuracy of these translations, and neither PKF International Limited nor the member firms providing translations, accept responsibility for its use.

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